You Have Value

Mini Me Yoga is about so much more than mindfulness, kids yoga, and meditation. Kate Bartram-Brown founded it with the goal of creating a worldwide community of adults stepping up to the plate- to learn a new set of skills and tools to bring to the children in their life, making this world a better place for our now and their future. This week Kate Batram-Brown & Kate Boucher, a Mini Me Yoga Ambassador as well as a classroom teacher, share a reflection of a conundrum they see many adults facing these days.

Is not having a qualification in yoga stopping you from doing yoga with your children? The world we live in is dictating to us who can teach our children what based on what we learn in classrooms and it’s making us feel like we are not qualified enough to teach our own children any longer.

We love teachers and doctors and scientists for all their hard work and study but it doesn’t mean that parents and families can’t get involved in the education of their own children, in fact I know most teachers would positively have encouraged this. But I get it, where do you start, I mean fractions, religion, sex education… what exactly are they teaching them in schools these days?

I’m sure it isn’t the same as when I went and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to remember how to do long division as I would simply ask my iPhone, but that is just it, we live in the era of knowledge- we can and must step in and help with our children’s education, just because we don’t remember everything doesn’t make us irrelevant.

They are our children- in our lives for a reason. We know our children and we know what they like, we can make learning fun and do it through play, which is the language of children. What we do with them doesn’t have to be complicated and in depth like the theory of relativity- it can be something simple, like sums, or a visit to the museum (which are free in the U.K). to broaden one’s awareness. It could be going to see a classical band in a park, walking and talking your iPhone, yes you heard me. Hang on. You can use your phone as a tool to expand your experience of the world around you- to look up what the flowers in the park are called or if you are out at night look at what constellations are in the sky. A well rounded way to envelope your child in the simple brilliance of childhood is through reading. Read to your children, read as much as you can. Telling them stories, allegories, fairy tales, are a cornerstone to childhood self-development. Bring out stories that encompass the hero and the villain, the knight and the princess, the village ruled by a dragon that needs to be slayed- these stories are timeless as they illuminate the battles within we all face throughout life. Dance, sing, cook, bake, garden this is all education that your child needs in life. Bring intention into every aspect of life with your children- and be sure they are beautiful and good intentions.

Just because you haven’t got a bunch of letters behind your name doesn’t mean you can’t share and educate your child. They are in your life for a reason. They need your words and actions the most- so why not be their guide on how to enjoy life! Enjoy the learning process! We are all students of life!

If you are unsure about the how, why not ask your child’s teacher- ask what you can be doing to support them. I bet you that the teacher will be over the moon to hear that you want to be part of the education and helping them get through the endless requirements set by the government. There is always more that teachers need to do- hone in on what you enjoy doing, and inquire how you can bring that as a learning opportunity to the classroom. Remember, it takes a village.

We can do this as a team, let’s work together. Forget what letters who has and what course is approved where and let’s just get on with it!

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