Yogi Trees!

Last week, we celebrated #EarthDay2021. Cumbria Ambassador Gemma shares one of her favourite yoga games, connecting to the trees of the earth in Tree Pose.

Yoga encourages connection to ourselves and helps us to feel more connected to the world around us. Tree pose helps to improve our core strength, balance and flexibility.


About Gemma Baird

Gemma is the Mini Me Yoga advanced Ambassador for Cumbria. Gemma’s experience of working with children in a school setting allows her to support children’s wellbeing, something which she is extremely passionate about. Gemma lives in Carlisle with her two children, and is on a mission to bring yoga and mindfulness into every school setting and home. Her sessions focus on creating a fun and engaging environment where children can develop their confidence and awareness of self. She also offers workshops to educators or any adult who is interested in using Mini Me Yoga (no experience necessary). She invites you to get in touch to find out more about her services and how to discover the magick of Mini Me Yoga.

Find Gemma on Facebook: Mini Me Yoga Cumbria

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