Yoga Magick!

As autumn starts, we begin to see the leaves fall from the trees, the colours change from greens to browns and golds, the nights draw in, and we start to prepare for celebrations such as Halloween.

This month’s game is a chance to practice your magick as a wizard or witch

Find a pencil or chop stick to turn into your magical wand

Turn on the music and everyone can dance

When you wave your wand over your yoga cards, say the magical word “Abracadabra!”
Wave your wand over the cards and magically select a card
Next, turn the music off… Wave your wand again and turn everyone into whatever you selected on the card

Maybe it’s a tree, maybe a plane, or maybe a frog!!

Do this as many times as you like!!

Why not take it in turns to be the wizard or witch?!

Dr Kate, Founder of Mini Me Yoga



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