Yoga Eye Gazing!



OK, so sometimes we can’t hug, but did you know there is a magickal process in yoga and other traditions called eye gazing?

Some say it has the power to heal a person’s soul, simply looking into the eyes of another human being. I believe this to be true, as I believe that when we look into each other’s eyes, a magickal process takes place. That we are all connected through an invisible energy, called LOVE.

So how do I eye gaze?

It’s really easy to do!

Find a family member or friend

Look into their eyes and smile…

Did the other person smile back?

Yes… It’s pure magick! We changed the way someone felt, not by using our hands or body, or by touch, but by looking!!


Look into as many people’s eyes as you can

Record your findings


Eye gazing with masks on

This is so fun! Can you tell when someone’s eyes are smiling back at you, even though you can’t see their face?


Love and Sparkles,

Dr Kate Bartram Brown, Founder of Mini Me Yoga

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