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As I sit here writing this blog, 3 weeks away from giving birth, it seems like the perfect time to reflect on the impact that Yoga has had on my pregnancy.  It’s not necessarily the pregnancy yoga classes or the slight modification of my regular yoga practice that stands out , but the incredible awareness that Yoga has given me that has allowed me to be so present throughout this fascinating journey. 

The definition of a revelation is “a surprising and previously unknown fact”. I’ve had two major revelations since being pregnant. The first is that it’s absolutely mind blowing that one human being can grow another human being inside their own body and the other is that Yoga, is a gift.

To say that these revelations were ‘ previously unknown facts’ is not quite true, after all, I’ve been aware of the facts of life for quite some time and I’m fully aware of the valuable lessons I’ve gained from being a yogini but, in some ways, I do feel like, for the first time, I’ve actually realised just how incredible it is to be human.

When I became a yoga teacher, I started to understand my body and its capabilities on another level. I explored the connection between my mind, my body and my breath and I also learnt how to nurture my (rather wild) spirit. The beautiful thing about yoga, whether teaching or practicing as a student, is that you continue to progress and grow, you continue to learn and so you’re constantly deepening your connection with yourself and the world around you.

This connection that I have had the pleasure of developing over the last few years has served me so well during my pregnancy. It has enabled me to do one major thing. Trust.

Over the past eight and a half months I have witnessed my body change, adapt, create and provide. I have felt my body take the lead and I have listened to the reassuring messages informing me to trust it. This powerful sensation has reinforced the precious lessons that yoga has provided me with and has demonstrated the utter greatness of the human body. Pregnancy, with all it’s twists and turns, with all it’s up’s and downs has been completely supported by the strength of my body, a strength much greater than my mind, a strength that only fully presented itself when this little human took up residence inside my body. The awareness that I have gained through yoga allowed me to ride through this trip as a front seat spectator, observing, immersing myself in the experience and above all else, trusting that my body was doing exactly what it needed to do. Revelation number two, Yoga, is the greatest gift of all.

About Clair-Louise

Clair-Louise is a trained Montessori Teacher, a registered Children’s Yoga teacher and trained in India for a 200 hour teaching certificate in Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga. For the past seven years she has lived and worked in Luxembourg offering Yoga to children, adults and families. Most recently, Clair graduated from university with a degree in ‘Drug and alcohol addiction therapy’ and now uses yoga and mindfulness in her work as a holistic therapist.

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