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In an often challenging world, confidence, self esteem and positivity help keep us going and allow us to navigate through difficult times. Mini Me Yoga, founded by Kate Bartram-Brown, uses kids yoga, meditation and mindfulness, to help children build and strengthen those essential foundations of self worth and self belief.

Through the month of September, our guest blogger Jo Jeffries has taught us the importance of drawing upon the wisdom from our elders, to help support us when life gets tough.

I think it’s fair to say we live in very challenging times. It’s easy to find ourselves lost, and questioning the state of the world and the very meaning of our lives: What is the magic formula that brings us happiness and fulfilment? Should we worry about these things? Is it ok to worry? In tough times I know where I like to go. I seek out the wisdom of the older generations; my older friends, grandparents, mentors and neighbours. I go and have a good old cup of tea and digestives and enjoy a hearty old-fashioned natter. Those times bring so much joy. I’m very aware however that fewer people than ever are doing the same, and in a dangerous world where communication happens more and more through a TV screen or a digital device or a social media forum, we need to ensure that we maintain human connection, and the passing of true life experience and learning from the old to the young.

Are you lucky enough to have someone much older and wiser in your life who you can go to, confide in, seek advice from, take guidance from when things get tough? Someone who fascinates you with tales from their lives? Someone you admire, respect, aspire to be? Their wise words may just give you the support you need to help you on your journey.

Wonderful Words of Wisdom from C.L.H

This Little Letter comes from a lady who is recovering from her second stroke, so handwriting is still a struggle and even typing this out took a lot of focus. We are so grateful to you C.L.H for sharing your wisdom, and we wish you a super speedy recovery.

“You might get frustrated with your parents, teacher or friends.  This might cause you to get angry, but Remember one thing.  Only you can control how you feel.  You can Choose to feel angry or you can choose to feel sad or you can feel happy.  It just depends on how you look at it.  No one starts out the day to do this or do that to you, it just how the world turns.
Start you day with a positive mindset and choose happiness joy and laughter.  Choose how you want to spend your day and make it happen.  Smile at adversity, Laugh at bitterness and show Joy over your accomplishments no matter how big or small.  Show Love…  after all you don’t know what is going on with someone else.”

Thank you to everyone who entered our Little Letters Competition. We were so grateful to receive your wonderful words of wisdom and hope you continue to pass your knowledge down, and spread comfort and joy, exactly as human beings have done for millions of years.

About Jo Jeffries

Jo Jeffries has enjoyed a twenty-year career in entertainment and broadcast media, starting out in the music business, where she released a hit record and became a major label act. Jo went on to become a hit song-writer and artist manager, before moving into commercial TV and radio (where she worked with media giants including Bauer and Global) to talent management, to programme production. Jo currently runs her own business in PR, publishing talent management and music. Jo spends her time enjoying an entrepreneurial portfolio career so she can focus on the things she loves to do and the people she loves most, including her beautiful children.

Do you have any questions following our blog? Or maybe you are a grandparent and would like to find out more about kids yoga, meditation and mindfulness? If so, please email Kate Bartram-Brown at info@minimeyoga.com.

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