What’s Your Vision?

When it comes to goals and dreams, many successful people talk about the importance of “having a vision”. Having a vision helps to bring about a sense of clarity, so that we have something to aim for and work towards. It also helps us to see what steps we need to take to create the life we want to live.

There are many ways to focus on your vision, such as writing down a bucket list or creating a vision board. For this activity, let’s just imagine how it would look if we saw ourselves living our best life…

Crystal Ball Activity

Imagine you are a fortune teller, and you can see your future in a crystal ball. All your gaols and dreams have come true and you are living your best life!

What can you see?

What does your life look like?

Where are you living? What job are you doing?

What hobbies do you have? What things are you doing for fun?

What things have you achieved?

How does it feel?

You can be realistic about this or as imaginative as you like. With young children, this is a great exercise to spark imagination and creativity. For older children and adults, this is a great way to focus on what goals you would like to achieve over the coming months.

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