We need solid education for our children not wishy washy kids yoga …

Yesterday I had the pleasure of teaching kids yoga to a group of lovely, kind-hearted, intelligent young ladies-all dedicated to bringing children the best care possible. In fact, many of these ladies that train at this prestigious institution go on to influence future leaders, as graduates have been doing so for many years.

It was so interesting to hear their feedback on what they THOUGHT kids yoga was. For some reason yoga and kids yoga has gotten a bit of a bad wrap over the years for being for hippies-or people that are into saving the environment and really not in touch with the “real” world.

Yet after our session, they were so moved they asked if they could shadow one of our ambassadors! One of the young women understood that she has been what she described as “wrong” in her thinking. The session she had received had “moved her emotionally” and she felt that “something must be happening and working if that was the case, as it was out of her usual character”.


Yes we are having fun in kids yoga, yes we are helping children connect to their heart and all that other “woowoo stuff” however we are also giving them LIFE SKILLS to combat stress. And yes kids are subjected to stress in the world just like we are. Of course many adults feel that children “have got it easy,” but growing up is a tricky path to navigate when you are surrounded by adults that are living stressful lives, you are in a school system that expects you to “behave and do well every minute of the day”- even if you feel off, and you are actively distracted from exploring those feelings.



Kids yoga (15 minutes to happy, healthy kids ) is designed to alleviate stress through breathing, through shaking off excess energy, through dancing, music, play, through doing yoga poses that release toxins, and by keeping fit and strong.


The world is full of self-help books and speakers that earn millions each year telling us grownups how to be successful and how to be happy. Yet we still teach our children in the old way that created stressed adults that are not able to have their dream job, balanced relationships, and enough money to do what they like. Yet the self help tools that the billionaire self-help gurus are teaching us are what small children do naturally anyway!


Children are positive,they fall over when learning how to walk and get back up again and again and again- never giving up, they forgive very easily which means they move on instead of holding onto baggage, they love unconditionally and do not judge themselves or others. On top of all that they know how to have FUN!

Yes JOY is the number one stress buster against depression and anxiety, which is crippling our society. Don’t take my word for it, science now backs that up.

So kids yoga isn’t so wishy washy or just for hippies- it’s a set of life skills that every individual can use to make life a much easier and fun ride !

Peace, Love & Sparkly Diamonds,

Kate Bartram Brown

Founder – Mini Me Yoga

Educator Ambassador

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