Time Out From Technology!

The world of technology is a gift! A gift we now use constantly on a daily basis for nearly everything we do; connect with family and friends across the world, send emails, create amazing resources, find answers to questions we’ve been pondering but when is it time to say enough! Kate Bartram-Brown, founder of Mini Me Yoga, has created a blended system using Ancient tools like mindfulness and kids yoga along with modern technology to assist us in this day in age with balancing the ancient and the modern. As a Mini Me Yoga Ambassador, practising and leading workshops in Mini Me Yoga brought me to this reflection that I’ve had and would love to share with you.

This last week I have been away on holiday and I for one am guilty of picking up my phone to check my emails, send messages to friends but what I have really noticed whilst lying round the pool, trying to relax as the sound of technology constantly rings in my ears! I wonder how reliant we have now become on these gadgets and whether sometimes we neglect the important aspects of life: sitting with our family having a conversation, going for a walk in nature without a phone and admiring what surrounds us or just generally having a moment to relax and be peaceful!

How many times in a day do we actually make time for ourselves to switch off and relax even if it’s 2 minutes at a time over a hot cup of tea, but do we actually do it?! If an email pings or the phone rings we have a tendency to respond within seconds!

In our house we have a rule where at dinner we put away our phones, iPads, laptops and any other piece of technology and spend the time together, talking about our day, finding out how we are feeling, what we need for the rest of the evening and taking some well needed time out!

Our Mini Me Yoga programme allows children and families to spend quality time together with tactile cards and easy step by step activities to do together to encourage bonding, laughter and fun! It allows us to become more aware of ourselves and our bodies- using poses to help and support us with technology free relaxation! Laughter and having fun with other members of our family is priceless, adds to our own well being and promotes happiness within ourselves!

So my question and challenge to you all is can you find time within the day, however small, to take time out, to switch off, away from technology to gain minutes of happiness and relaxation whether it be on your own or with loved ones?!

Our Home School programme which launches 24th July combines both technology and expreiences of nature to balance the two within our daily lives and uses practical ways to support families and children in fun, laughter and bonding throughout the summer! For more information contact your nearest ambassador or info@minimeyoga.com.

Next week, I’ll share with you a meditation that my niece (pictured above) wrote after doing the Mini Me Yoga 15 minutes to happy, healthy kids programme.

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Vicki Readings is the Mini Me Yoga Ambassador for Wales and part of the U.K Schools team. She is a qualified Primary School teacher and currently training as a counsellor. From being a Primary School teacher and working in education, her passion is supporting children’s and families emotion well-being providing practical strategies to use on a daily basis to improve happiness and confidence. Alongside this, she has a passion for education, wanting to help create and build a creative, interactive child led curriculum where children are taught in a positive, inspiring environment that supports the next generation to be happy and confident providing them with skills for life.

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