The power of positive words and affirmations

Within our Mini Me Yoga programme, founded by Kate Bartram-Brown, positive thinking, the use of positive words and affirmations are extremely important. Alongside this, kids yoga and mindfulness, all which interlink to help create confident, happy children.

I had never really thought about the words that I use on a daily basis within general conversation or those which I use in self talk. It had never dawned on me, the impact of the words we choose. Words affect everything; our thoughts, our feelings, our actions, our actions consequences, our self esteem and confidence just to name a few.

My mindset has recently been altered to reflect a more positive outlook on life. I have started to realise how important words are. What I really love about our Mini Me Yoga programme is how it has highlighted to me the power of our words and using affirmations to embed them into our brains and using these to focus and motivate us has such a positive impact. I have also seen how children use them as support and give them confidence in whatever they are doing!

I now surround myself as much as possible with these positive words – on my mugs as I’m drinking the first cuppa of the day and as I’m working from home as a reminder that “I am capable”, “I can do this”, “I am powerful, strong and confident”. I have them on post it notes around my desk as reminders to myself “I am awesome”, “I am beautiful” or inspirational quotes and phrases framed around my home to really empower me and build my own self-esteem and confidence.

As part of the programme we create magic energy water using affirmations that can then be used by children and adults whenever they feel they need a little boost or support – Dr Emoto carried out research on the power of words when used with water and found that words truly do affect us. Using this as a physical anchor and reminder has really allowed me to evaluate myself, the impact of my own words on myself and others.

So my challenge to you; find some inspirational quotes that speak to you, create personal affirmations to empower you and put them everywhere so that you can see them, hear them, speak them and feel their true power on your emotional well being and enjoy those words creating a more positive you!

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Vicki Readings is the Mini Me Yoga Ambassador for Wales and part of the U.K Schools team. She is a qualified Primary School teacher and currently training as a counsellor. From being a Primary School teacher and working in education, her passion is supporting children’s and families emotion well-being providing practical strategies to use on a daily basis to improve happiness and confidence. Vicki is also part of the Legacy International Group, sitting on their project panel who exist to overcome barriers and bring about change. Alongside this, she has a passion for education, wanting to help create and build a creative, interactive child led curriculum where children are taught in a positive, inspiring environment that supports the next generation to be happy and confident providing them with skills for life.

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