The Magick of Kindness

The Explorers Club Program, the second in the series of programs created by Kate Bartram-Brown, is one of our kids yoga programs where we invite children to deepen their relationship with mindfulness.

In the Explorers Club, we take a magickal perspective on our relationship with all things and one another. We explore the magick of words, the magick of movement, and how the way that we talk to each other and the words that we fill our minds with truly do create our reality. These days our young people are saturated with such cruel messages about their bodies and one of the things that is so important to us at Mini Me Yoga is that children, at a young age, learn to love and accept themselves.


Dr. Emoto’s scientific research supports the depth of mindfulness practices explored in the Explorers Club. Visit Mini Me Yoga’s website to read more about his research here.


The bottom line is we want our children alive, emotionally and physically healthy, and loving themselves.

Prayers-Dr. Emoto

Here is an opportunity to practice kindness in a very powerful, grounding way:

Kindness Exercise for (Adolescent) Children

This will be most effective if done habitually.

Take an empowerment word, from the yoga card deck, say the word to yourself in the mirror- ask your parent to stand behind you and say it with you.

An excellent way to make magick and bring transformation into your body is by clapping your hands together and rubbing them quickly- then place on your eyes and say “I remember to only see beautiful, wonderful, magickal, lovely things- especially in myself.”

Clap your hands together again, rub them together, then put them on your throat and say “I choose to remember to only say beautiful, wonderful, magickal, lovely things about myself.”

Last time, clap your hands together, rub them quickly until they’re warm and put them on your heart and say “I choose to love myself no matter what.”



Meet Heather McCrae & Kate Boucher!

We train parents and educators both, on our core 15 minute program, because it’s important. As parents and educators, it’s so important to stay relevant and also to seek out the most gentle and clear methods of classroom management. There are very gentle ways to manage kids, especially little ones, that are fun and not stressful. We teach Teachers how to use Mini Me Yoga as a classroom management tool. If we had Mini Me Yoga when we were teaching it would have been much easier for everyone, including the children!

Mini Me is modified Yoga. The poses are modified to be appropriate for growing bodies without stressing muscles or joints. There are games that absolutely are appropriate for a classroom setting, and can be used whenever there’s a last-minute schedule change or even at the end of a class period or the end of the school day. This is constructive fun. From a health perspective, Mini Me Yoga teaches healthy breathing and heart-centeredness.

Contact to connect with a Mini Me Yoga Ambassador in your region of the world.

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