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Hello, I’m Carol Stout, Education Director for The Emoto Peace Project, (EPP)  UK and Ireland.

The Mini Me Yoga programme uses Dr Emoto as a unique element and technique to remind children to think positively through a creative and magical way.

The EPP was set up by Dr Masaru Emoto. His dream was that every child in the world should learn the message from water – that our thoughts, words and prayers actually change the molecular structure of water.

The reality is that we need to become aware of what we say to ourselves, to others, to other life forms and to the planet.

“We exist mostly as water. Therefore, this connection to water applies to all people. That means all people can understand the messages in water.

How can we lead a happy, healthy life? We need to purify the water that forms most of who we are. Our life-blood needs to circulate freely. When blood stops flowing, the body starts to decay. When water becomes trapped, it dies. Water- or blood – in the bodies of the sick is usually stagnant.

“When our emotions flow throughout our body, we feel a sense of joy and we move towards physical health.

Moving, changing, flowing – this is what life is all about.”

Through publication of his groundbreaking photographs of frozen water crystals, Dr. Emoto was able to show that water has a memory and a consciousness.

The most beautiful crystals are formed when water is exposed to the words “Love and Gratitude”, whilst the words “I hate you” produce no regular crystal formation.

The average adult’s body is composed of around 70% water. Our earth is also 70% water. It therefore makes sense that an energetic vibration of peace will have a very positive effect on both people and the planet.

Through The Emoto Peace Project, we aim to educate young people to recognise that positive words, emotions and actions affect the structure of water in a very positive way.

The EPP is not affiliated to any religion, creed or culture. It seeks to bring about a more peaceful world for all.


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