The Benefits of Brrrr!!!

“Why oh why do I put myself through this, willingly and every morning?! I must be mad!” I say to myself, as I turn the shower on to very cold. I leap back away from the freezing, falling water and steel myself whilst psyching myself up saying, “I can do this, I can do this!”. I bravely step forward into the cold waterfall. It’s shocking and takes my breath away, so I have to take some very deep breaths. I control my breathing and feel proud of myself. I have a very quick shower, then slowly turn clockwise 3 times (don’t ask me why I do that, but I am doing my best to stay under the cold water for more than 30 seconds!). I manage just over a minute, thinking all the time that my skin is tightening and shrinking back into its teenage form (mirror will tell me otherwise later, but for now I feel rejuvenated!) I could turn the shower to warm, but I resist, and turn the shower off and leap out. I feel energised, invigorated, clear headed and euphoric. I am ready for whatever the day will bring.

So how can this be….?

Well, the skin is the largest organ of the body which has millions of receptors and also eliminates toxins. The cold water activates these receptors and the benefits are numerous:

– Wakes your body and sharpens your mind

– More alertness and concentration due to deeper breaths – more O2 less CO2

– Improves circulation by awakening the vascular system, therefore more nutrient vitamin O2 uptake to the body’s cells creating more energy

– Reduces stress

– Helps maintain skin elasticity

– Improves body’s immune system

– And much much more…

I could go on, but if this has ‘wet your whistle’ then follow the teachings of Wim Hof the Ice Man. Prepare to be amazed!

** If you have any underlying health conditions such as high blood pressure, a weakened immune system, heart condition, or any other condition that may be affected by a change in temperature, we advise you to seek medical advice before trying a cold shower.


About Mari-Vic

Mari-Vic is one of our fabulous Mini Me Yoga Ambassadors from the Midlands, UK. As a certified meditation teacher and holistic practitioner, Mari-Vic is committed to supporting others through healthy lifestyle and wellness practices.

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