The Arrogance of Adults!

Mini Me Yoga supports children on a daily basis to build their confidence, positivity and self esteem through the use of imagination and creativity. Kate Bertram-Brown, the founder of Mini Me Yoga, created programmes what allow children to explore self and gain awareness  and understanding through kids yoga and mindfulness.

I’m passionate about empowering our children to have self belief, confidence and to hold onto their dreams! I’m saddened by a recent report stating that girls have lost faith in their own abilities by the age of six. I see this in many boys too! Take a moment to reflect on what you wanted to become at the age of six years old.  An Astronaut?  A Vet? A Pilot? A Ballerina? A Super Hero?

A Lion was the response I received from a little girl in a primary school during one of my Dreams Workshops where we create a safe environment without limitations or judgment to explore the imaginations of our little ones.

Her teacher’s reaction, although not observed by the little girl was reflective of how so many of us unintentionally crush peoples dreams!  A very simple raising of her eyes to the heavens and a shake of her head dismissed this little ones’ thoughts ‘just like that!’

We’re showing an arrogance when we suggest that our children should see the world through our eyes and do what we ‘know’ is right because we’ve been around for longer!

I continued to explore her thoughts with excitement, enthusiasm and belief by asking “What kind of lion will you be?”

She replied with accompanied animation “A boy lion because they have the best hair.”

I asked “What will you sound like?”

She responded with an almighty roar to which we had great fun involving the whole class and we became a pride of roaring lions.

After finishing my roar I asked “How will you be this amazing lion with the best hair and the loudest roar?’

Her response demonstrates how our arrogance to think that we know best short changes the brilliance of our children.

She replied “I saw the Lion King at the theatre and I’m going to be that lion when I’m bigger!”

I looked at the teacher to see the devastation wash over her face as she looked at me to mouth her apology.

After the session the teacher explained how in that moment she realised how many times she will have dismissed dreams and how she was so grateful for the workshop as she’ll never do it again. This teacher is not alone.  We ‘all’ do this through our flippant comments and our lack of belief in possibility in every age group.

How often have we thought or even said ‘don’t be silly’ in response to an idea or laughed at someone’s dream? We don’t have all of the answers and we certainly can’t see into the future.  Our children are our hope and need to be equipped with the belief that they can achieve whatever they put their mind to and work hard towards.

Consider if you’re doing what you dreamt of at the age of six.  I guarantee others are doing it today so if you’re not, why not?

For many it will have been a change in direction and a personal choice.  For many more it will be related to a moment when someone didn’t believe in your dream and you listened!

As a Little Bird, Alison Delaney felt different. She looked different. She was different… for all the right reasons.

By embracing her unique talents and encouraging others to do the same, Alison has turned her life purpose of empowering people to live their dreams into her businesses.

Alison is now a successful motivational speaker, the founder of education-based project Little Bird, and a published author.

At home, Alison had been chosen. Adopted at three months old, she was loved and encouraged to dream. To know she could become whatever she wanted to be if she had enough belief in herself and the world around her. Outside of her safe warm little nest, many were singing a different song. They squawked and pecked with their message: she wouldn’t. She couldn’t. She shouldn’t!

No little bird should experience that but all little birds do at some point in their lives. Alison held onto her dreams but many of us have them stolen because we listen to the wrong song.

Areas of Expertise

Behavioural Development & Cultural Change

Are you In Sync?

Alison works with you to align your brand values with y our cultural behaviours , specifically:

Behavioural profiling

Behavioural Awareness

Personal Brand & Impact

Presenting with passion and purpose

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Leading Through Change

Effective Communication

Motivational Speaking

Lunch On The Moon – A powerful keynote identifying when we’re taught to stop believing. The point our dreams are stolen and how to get them back!

Harnessing Your Power – aligning your passion with your purpose

Ahead Of The Game – what’s the secret to real success?

From Rags to Riches – My journey over overcoming diversity and obstacles to becoming a successful Entrepreneur

Alison is now the published author she always knew she could be and had overnight success with her book “Little Chick Had Lunch On The Moon.”

Alison leads a series of acclaimed Dreams Workshops, which support her book’s themes and help form a foundation for discussion with children about self-belief, confidence, resilience and always holding on to your dreams.

Over 4,000 books have been sold since its launch last year and Alison has now secured a distribution deal with The Roundhouse Group, which specialises in adult non-fiction and children’s books across the UK and Europe.

She has already completed 18 workshops across the UK to over 2,000 children who have benefitted from a Dreams Workshop in the UK. Added to that, she has also delivered 1,000 books to school children in South Africa and completed four Dreams Workshops across three regions.

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Student Transition Programme

Alison works relentlessly to engage leaders to invest in personal development for all ages as we know the advantages to the individual, organisation and economy.

Her Student Transition Programme increases self-belief, confidence and resilience. This prepares them for the journey ahead giving them tools and coping mechanisms to ensure they achieve their highest potential.

This is a 12-module course in areas including emotional intelligence, personal brand, and communication.


Fit 2 B A Parent

Two programmes focused on children in football academies and their parents.

This focuses on identifying the skills gained at these academies and broadening children’s career paths using these skills. Parents also learn how to encourage children who may not make it into professional football.


Rise Up! Female Coaching

This summer sees Alison launch a brand new network that’s all about empowering women.

Through workshops, coaching, and digital support, Alison will address all of the wonderful challenges life throws in our path and empowers us to removes obstacles in the way of our dreams and success.


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