“It unlocked ideas that I didn’t know we’re possible – I really was surprised to learn so many new things – THANK YOU! Xxx.”

“What I liked most about the workshop was how to translate the yoga poses for different ages of kids.”

Dear Kate, I would just like to thank you for this wonderful workshop last Saturday. It was a lot of fun and all the participants enjoyed it.The members of staff really benefitted from the easy way in which you introduced the idea of yoga and breathing.


“What I liked most about the workshop was the Magick Yoga Cards and sending love, thank you.”

Kate’s wonderful energy and love for fun yoga is contagious! I really had a fantastic time learning simple tools to share with my daughter and her friends. There is so much joy in reconnecting with our inner child too. These four hours were the best investment for our family and yoga has become part of our daily routine ever since. Thank you Kate!Lots of love and magic to you. Big kisses. N xxx

“Melissa was lovely, warm and positive – very welcoming to all. The techniques are great – simple and easy. Loved the workshop, thank you! Enjoyments of kids yoga by Elexie aged 7


Your classes are very well paced and the combination of practice as you teach and music is fab.
Just one thing the cards are excellent just give people handouts of points so they remember after to look back at notes. Christine Gordon – Head of RIA Centre of Autism & Special Needs

“I found each aspect of the day very informative and interesting. I will be following through with reading up on some of the material Melissa suggested. Thank you so much.”

“I enjoyed all of it, everyone was so fun and friendly. Looking forward to finding out more on being an Ambassador.”

“I did the training with Amanda only 2 days ago but already Mini Me Yoga has become a part of my family’s daily routine! A very enjoyable workshop with a fantastic facilitator and a program that is easy to follow, and the best part is you don’t need to be an expert on yoga to do it. My children love it. My 11 year old daughter said that she feels so peaceful when sending out positive energy. I will be using it both at home and in my future work with children.”

“I liked the simplicity of the workshop and hot it is suitable for all ages of children – I loved every minute, thanks.”

Lucia practices yoga – is a reiki master, reflexology and a trainee physiotherapy. After attending a Yoga for kids workshop ran by Kate, I felt inspired.My little girls wake up early, around 5.30am and we began to do yoga altogether. We had a box of stuffed toys, the cards and the living room carpet, sat down and started.


“I like yoga because it make you healthy and it make your muscles stronger and I like the lion pose best and Acacia’s favourite is the snake pose. Yoga helps you to breathe from your belly and helps your brain work hard at school.”

“I loved the relaxed, fun and open space to learn and play in. Thank you so much for this wonderful workshop.”




I have been doing the role for over two years and trained with Kate for one day in Staffs. I also did three refresher training sessions on line with Kate last summer. I found it easy to pick up, and started in Norfolk training one lady. After that I trained one man who was a teacher and then promoted it at Mind Body Spirit Fairs.


I am thoroughly enjoying teaching the Mini Me Yoga initial program combined with the Explorer’s Club to the wonderful children of a local crèche in Cork. Each week, we have a new theme for our 35 minute class and the children enjoy it more and more. A quote from a 4 year old girl in the class last week was “Mini Me Yoga games are really fun”.