I have been doing the role for over two years and trained with Kate for one day in Staffs. I also did three refresher training sessions on line with Kate last summer. I found it easy to pick up, and started in Norfolk training one lady. After that I trained one man who was a teacher and then promoted it at Mind Body Spirit Fairs. I went into two Nurseries and trained nine ladies in two places. Then ran a couple of workshops in Norwich at a Well Being Centre with four ladies and two recently. I did train one Mum in Brittany France too! I used the promotion letters Kate provides and also advertised around town using the posters provided and on facebook. The Marketing Materials are very helpful and well designed. The postcards are great! It fits in so well with being a Part Time Therapist and I’m getting one Nursery contacting me to train more of their staff as Mini Me Yoga is very popular with Little Owls Nursery. It’s very rewarding to see it being used. I also did the Explorer Training as a next level. I highly recommend this as a small business venture to be run from home. – Clare Church, Norfolk and Brittany