Mini Me Yoga Case Study Amanda Thorne

Mini Me Yoga Ambassador Training

I have a background as a primary school teacher and early years lead for the past 18 years so I am highly invested in the emotional development and mental wellbeing of children and this has always been a priority in my teaching alongside the required academics.

When my own son began showing signs of heightened anxiety 3 years ago at the age of 9, I soon realised that, in spite of their best efforts, his school were unable to offer the kind of holistic support that he was needing which would equip him to manage his anxiety moving forwards. I began to explore methods of mindfulness, breathing and meditation at home and soon saw the positive effects this had for him, and me!

When I happened across Mini Me Yoga one evening what struck me most about it was the sincerity of the motivation behind the programmes on offer…putting the wellbeing of children above all else. The mission to reach one million kids is inspiring and being able to be a part of this is a real privilege. Having spoken at length with Ashley Costello, it was clear that training as an ambassador was in my future and what I loved was that Mini Me do not just train anyone and everyone but the people who ‘fit’ and who are right for the programme.

My planned ambassador training happened to fall as the first lockdown hit the UK. This was swiftly and expertly transformed into online training. The online training was really great and being able to access it from home rather than travelling was an added bonus. Although I would have loved to have done this in person, I do not feel that the remote training hindered my learning at all.

Resources were sent out in advance with extra to follow throughout the training and the training itself was a good mixture of practical and theory with plenty of opportunity for discussion and questions.

Above all it was really really good fun – and this is at the heart of the programme itself.

Mini Me Yoga is unique in so many ways. What strikes me most is that, despite not being a franchise, the ongoing support and CPD for ambassadors is incredible. Help is only ever an email away, Vicki is always on hand with advice and suggestions on every aspect of the practicalities of running as a business as well as the programmes themselves.

The ways in which Kate and the team have continued to adapt and support our business during lockdown has been fantastic! Additional training has been offered, adapted to online and resourced to such a high standard. Having trained just as we locked down I was dubious that I could use the skills I had just learned – how wrong I was! My business and confidence has grown so much in the last 12 months and I am now able to offer such a variety of training modules both online and face to face (once we are able to). The comprehensive training and subsequent follow up support has given me the confidence and passion to reach so many adults and children including my own class at school along with all of my colleagues. I’ve even been supported in training my own kids club leader in the short time I’ve been an ambassador!

I am amazed at the vast range of experience and expertise amongst the ambassadors and what an incredible and supportive community there is within Mini Me. I love that our individual expertise are celebrated and valued and included.

The ethos of reaching the children and supporting wellbeing underpins everything that the team put together, it is evident in all we do and I am so proud to be a part of this incredible team. I look forward to the opportunities that might be ahead and couldn’t be happier to have Mini Me Yoga in my life!

Tuesday, 16 March 2021