Buanann Rafferty – Ambassador Testimonial

“I started my MMY journey is September 2019, I had barely started my journey when we had to rethink what we knew. MMY as a whole has done an amazing job at adjusting to online. The free online trainings from other ambassadors were so helpful. I’ve always been a wiz with social media, but when it came to work I was unsure, learning what gets the best traction and how best to use algorithms was so helpful. As some who had never blogged before our blogging session was so informative, I came out with a new skill, I learnt not to think to much about it and that you don’t need to be a journalist to be able to produce a solid article. Learning how to teach kids online was the main technique I used, readjusting was a lot easier than expected, it’s not the same as in person, but it’s amazing how MMY took an activity that requires you to be present and active and adjusted it to online. Some of the learning I have done I haven’t got the chance to use yet but when the opportunity arises, I’ll be armed with a wealth of knowledge. I’m always learning knew things with MMY and I’m very grateful to be surrounded by so many amazing teachers with a wealth of knowledge.

“My ambassador training was amazing, I got to complete mine in person and meet a lot of the other ambassadors. My training was full of information and magick, learning all the different workshops. I was lucky to get so much advice. I got so many tips & tricks as well as a suitcase full of resources to take across the water!”

Buanann Rafferty