Age 11 – Suki

Age 11 – Suki used to get very anxious during anytime there was assessment or tests. She began to get upset every time SATS were mentioned. After going through the programme, she was able to use the tools to calm. Suki not only came out of her exam smiling but has reportedly done well on…

Age 10 – Bradley

Age 10 – Bradley is very bright and is used to grasping concepts first time. When he doesn’t, he would have a meltdown and disrupt the class. He used part of the programme, which enabled him to refocus and change his attitude to learning.

Age 6 – Amelia

Age 6 – Amelia would get angry and upset easily, making her an easy target for peers to wind up. Teaching her the 15 min Programme, she can now successfully walk away from them and has the tools to calm herself down.