Supporting Hopeana with Ani Manukyan

It is a well known fact that humans are hardwired for connection. Feeling connected to others and having a sense of community, helps us to feel happier and healthier, both physically and emotionally.

Mini Me Yoga founder Dr Kate Bartram-Brown, recognises the importance of teaching our children about connection. Through the use of kids yoga, meditation and mindfulness, we can help our children understand that we are all living on this planet together, and that we all need to look after one another, as part of our bigger family here on Earth.

This week, we send love to those communities across the globe, who are in need of our love and support. Our guest blogger Ani Manukyan talks to us about Hopeana, and the work they do to support children and families in need.

Hi, I’m Ani, and I’m the founder of Hopeana.

Hopeana is a platform that supports families in need and causes that are close to our hearts. All our listed projects are handpicked by us and verified. We help the orphanages and the charitable organisations to set up their campaign, to reach more people with their cause and to raise the funding necessary. We don’t charge this causes for any of the services, and we only take 3% once we have raised the funding in order to make the platform sustainable. So your donation will also support our cause in helping these orphanages and families in need.

Once we have raised the funding, we ensure the funds are allocated to the right source and that the donors receive updates concerning videos and pictures of how the funds have been allocated. We also have a member of our team together with me on the location to manage the process.

We aim to increase transparency and create a platform that creates an experience and bond between the donor and the families in need, orphanages or where the funding is most needed, to bring hope and smiles.

We also have a section on our page where anyone who is interested in participating can personally come with us to this countries to see and experience the giving process. For now, we have Armenia and India as possible volunteering experiences.

Having visited the orphanages, we witnessed how much a child’s life can change; by giving them the right support, education and a safe place to grow is life changing. What these kids have in their eyes is Hope.

Please have a look at some of the current projects that we are supporting. We greatly appreciate any support to make it possible for us to help and support these causes, and special thanks to everyone at Mini Me Yoga for their support and Love.

To support Hopeana, please visit:

About Ani Manukyan

Ani has always been incredibly empathetic towards the feelings of others, naturally feeling their emotions and experiences. Ever since she was young, she questioned why the people around her were unhappy and was driven by a force to help them. Her passion for growth and greater self-awareness led her to spirituality because it helped her to connect deeper to herself and her inner truth. Even through challenging times in her life, it was her connection to spirituality which pushed her forward into brighter days.

Her passion for spirituality and growth encouraged her to delve further into life transforming concepts such as self-empowerment, self-love and the soul. She completed many mentoring and self-mastery courses and created her own program for spiritual guidance and coaching, sharing her skills through mentoring, speaking sessions, group meditation classes, and retreats.

Ani is always concentrated on how she can develop and serve, and one of the ways has been through philanthropical work, which brings great joy and fulfilment to life. Ani is very passionate about social enterprise and has started two companies that are social benefit orientated.

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