Snake Breath

We know that connecting to the breath is one of the quickest ways to calm the body. Why not combine this with one of our Mini Me Yoga poses for some extra fun!?

Start by lying down on your tummy, either on a mat or on a comfortable surface.

Now, pretend to be a snake by lifting your head up from the ground. You can use your hands to push up and help you.

Take a deep breath in, inhaling deeply through the nose.

Gently blow out through the mouth with a soft and low hissing sound “ssssssss”!

About Vicki Readings

Vicki Readings is a Mini Me Yoga Ambassador for Mini Me Yoga Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire. As a trained Counsellor, Vicki has a passion and focus on well-being and mental health. Alongside this, Vicki is a trained Primary School Teacher and part of the International and UK team, working with schools and professionals to provide children and staff with tools and techniques to support their well-being and allow them to be less pressured.

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