Simple, Happy Sun Pose

The Sun Pose has to be one of my absolute favourite poses in our Mini Me Yoga Foundation Cards. Whenever I am in the Sun Pose I feel truly up lifted. I feel my energy levels rising, my happiness increasing and I actually feel like I’m beaming!

Sun Pose for me is a power pose, it makes me stand with confidence and stretch my whole body feeling lighter, brighter and stronger.

Sometimes yoga poses do not need to be complicated, they can be a simple stretch that has a lasting impact. Anytime I feel low on energy or need that extra boost of happiness, I get into the Sun Pose and stand there for a few moments taking deep breaths and thinking about all the things I am truly grateful for! I’m giving myself a moment to recharge and reboot, which helps to increase my motivation, focus and productivity because I feel happier in myself! These kids yoga poses are just as useful and beneficial to me as they are the kids!

Why not try the sun pose with the kids and sing “the sun has got his hat on”!

About Vicki Readings

Vicki Readings is a Mini Me Yoga Ambassador for Mini Me Yoga Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire. As a trained Counsellor, Vicki has a passion and focus on well-being and mental health. Alongside this, Vicki is a trained Primary School Teacher and part of the International and UK team, working with schools and professionals to provide children and staff with tools and techniques to support their well-being and allow them to be less pressured.

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