Become a Mini Me Yoga School –  Accreditation Guidelines The following sets out the guidelines for Mini Me Yoga accredited Schools/Nurseries. The School will commit to:
  1. 75% of its teaching staff to receive Mini Me Yoga training within the first year and continue to maintain 75% of teaching staff to having received training.
  2. Use the Mini Me Yoga programme weekly
  3. Within 3 months of implementing Mini Me Yoga training, send 3-10 members of staff depending on the size of the setting on the ‘Explorer training’.
  4. Within 6 months of implementing Mini Me Yoga training, train 75% members of staff on ‘Meditation training’
  5. Complete an annual review alongside their Mini Me Yoga Ambassador and provide evidence of use of training (observation or documented).
  6. Agree to be observed annually by their Mini Me Yoga Ambassador.

Mini Me Yoga will commit to:

  1. Provide a key ambassador to look after the School
  2. Provide training to 75% of teaching staff
  3. Provide access to on-line resources (website and e-learning)
  4. Provide trained staff with relevant Mini Me Yoga resources during training
  5. Make available Explorer and Meditation training dates
  6. Carry out annual review
  7. Host an award ceremony where the plaque will be presented.