One in eight children and young people in the UK, aged five through sixteen, suffer from a diagnosable mental health disorder.

In our tweenies (pre-teens) workshop our 7 step program covers: ·       

Reduction of anxiety and stress

Lowered heart rate to relieve tension        

Revitalization of a tired mind and body     

Helping rebalance the nervous system      

Regulation of the cooling and warming cycles of the body       

Preparation for deeper meditation    

Creativity and imagination – stimulating problem-solving muscles

Promoting a safe environment, the program activates growth genes and nurtures the body.

learning to slow down to experience joy instead of fight and flight mode, often missing in a teens life.

Research has shown that school curriculums incorporating stress management programs improve academic performance, self-esteem, classroom behaviours, concentration, and emotional balance. In addition, there is a decrease in helplessness, aggression, and behavioural problems of students