Mini Me Yoga’s Home School was designed by experts in the areas of education, psychology, and health & wellness for the entire family to explore the universe around them and within over the course of 6 weeks!

There are three THEMES throughout this course, each will be explored for two weeks:

Planet Earth

Each weekday, those who are registered will receive an email from us containing the day’s activities:

-Breathing Exercises
-Yoga Games
-Power of Words Activities
-Tree of Life + Yoga Game
-Creative Meditations
-Strengthening the Senses Exercises
-Exploring the Local Outdoors!

Supplies You Will Need:

-Both decks of Mini Me Yoga cards from the 2 Hour Workshop & Explorers Club*
-Daily access to the internet
-Paper + crayons/markers/colored pencils

* Cards can be purchased from your local ambassador

Registration Details:

Open Registration: £45 / $50 USD

Course begins July 24th

I want to start my Mini Me Yoga Home School summer camp experience!