Mini Me Yoga 15 Minutes to Happy Healthy Kids program…

15 minute program meets the Physical Wellbeing requirements in school systems

Level reference: Year 1

15 Minutes to Happy, Healthy Kids Foundational Level

Mini Me Yoga 15 Minutes to Happy, Healthy Kids incorporates many physical activities with a short fun program where the student is able to be active for sustained periods of time.

The program allows the child to participate in competitive games, as well as increasing personal goals of achievement. The program is designed for children to take these games and life skills and use them in their daily lives helping the, lead healthy and active lives.

How does Mini Me Yoga deliver?

Key stage 1

Using yoga poses and play the child developed fundamental movement skills. The agility, balance and ordination is well documented in Yoga studies and is delivered to children in a fun and easy method.

They engage in games that can be used competitively against self and others whilst also having the option to be a team building exercise helping them overcome challenges that are set.

Learning objectives

● To move confidently & safely in their own & general space

● Perform movements using a range of body actions & parts

● To recognise how their body feels when still & exercising

● Be aware of emotions, thoughts and feelings

● Awareness of words, vocabulary and how that affects our environment and physical ability. Techniques used by many athletes

● Connect, bond and have respect to each other, the world around us and our own personal body

Learning outcomes

● Manage the space safely showing good awareness

● Body and mind connection

● Strengthening

● Flexibility

● Team bonding

● Personal growth

● Health and wellbeing comes from both physical and mental aspects

Learning activities

Each session will incorporate the 7 step program

● Coming together, sitting cross legged and using sound to calm the body and focus the mind

● Breathing techniques to reduce stress eliminate toxins from the lungs, bring oxygen into the bloodstream and brain to help with learning, mind fog, sugary foods.

● Warm up – shaking the body, letting go, learning languages

● Yoga games – a range of poses will be used in various methods of application. music, movement, balancing, coordination, team games, personal body strength increased. Movement combined with freezing, flexibility

● Positive affirmation and managing one’s own emotions, recognising change in mind and body

● Colouring meditation, calming the mind and body down, relaxing, focused, increased lengths of concentration resulting in better academic performance, less behaviour referrals.

● Sitting crossed legged and thanking oneself and each other, awareness of surroundings and how that has affected us mentally and emotionally, the effects of physical movement and how that affects the mind.

Warm up

Raising heart rate: shaking off excess energy whist learning a new language or vocabulary, having fun, moving body.

Cooldown ideas

(Should reduce heart rate & calm children) colouring meditation, positive affirmations, coming together in a circle acknowledging each other and self, closing circle. Breathing techniques can be used to calm the body and mind.


Most children should be able to show basic control and coordination when applying yoga poses and when remaining still; remember and repeat these poses, games, breathing techniques accurately and consistently; find and use space safely, with an awareness of others; identify and copy the basic yoga poses use words such as balance, co ordination, relax, forward bend, backbend, strengthen, make their body tense, relaxed, stretched and balanced.

Health & safety

● Are the children barefoot, wearing clothing that is safe? Has all jewellery been removed?

● Is the space safe and clear enough to work in?

● Have the children been taught to be aware of others in the class when they are moving and working?

● Have they all warmed up and cooled down properly?

● Have they understood the rules respecting each other and themselves?


● Yoga Flash cards

● Yoga mats

● Soft toys / small toys

● Colouring mandalas / colouring crayons / music

Extension links

● Invent yoga games at playtime

● Encourage parents and siblings to do yoga poses

● Download yoga apps

● Find out about yoga & mindfulness in books, CD-ROM

Foundation levels poses in the 15 Minutes to Happy, Healthy Kids program

Angel Wings

Lying down isn’t so easy for kids so making snow angels movement with their arms takes their minds off lying still breathing is key to being healthy in the mind and body. Slows us down, calming, great before bedtime.


Great for the core, and being balanced as we must balance whilst we do this pose.


This is great for everything greasy hair, spots, tiredness, depression, jet lag do it whenever you can builds great strength & flexibility into the body as well.


Wonderful pose as you are upside down. Requires strength in the arms and is a great way to build up to a headstand. Great for the core also.


Great for children that are very serious and get uptight about things being perfect.

Giggle Breath

This releases endorphins when we laugh, makes us feel very good. Check out laughter yoga.


Standing tall on tippy and core.

Lion Pose

This is good for releasing emotions make sure the tongue is all the way out if not create


Realigns the spine after sitting at school all day. Great to bring children back into calmness if they try mountain pose. Mountain are very still but did you know they can breathe whisper. Reward when they are still with a sticker or huge hug.


The sss sound is great for phonics and builds strength and flexibility in the lower back.


Great for balance, strength the arms, legs and creates awareness of the body and how we can move it from side to side in a strong balanced way arms and legs out represent the elements and us as human so it has very powerful meaning that we stand in our power as humans and are ready to create what we want.

Tickle Toes

Bending forward is wonderful for an all over stretch and lengthens the hamstrings which help so many problems such as lower back pain. Hanging upside down is so good for us as the blood rushes to our head and clears our mind and we feel full of energy.


Builds a good core, teaches how to be flexible and strong at the same time. The forest helps us to support each other whilst standing on our own two feet.


Totally powerful pose in the body takes lots of strength to hold this pose that s why we make the noise as it takes our mind off it great to focus the mind and create a strong mind as well.

In Europe and the UK  we can offer Continuing Education Credits!

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