Positive thinking journey for kids…. Smile Game

Welcome to Mini Me Yoga, a fun blog that hopes to help any parent, student or child out there that is looking for ways in which to enrich your life by using simple fun ideas to create a positive world.

There are so many lovely ideas out there that can help kids (and not forgetting you parents of course) but it can be so much information and its hard to know what to do and what not to do.

So each time I get a chance to blog I will share an idea or an experience  I have found that kids have responded well to in my yoga classes, esoteric learning or in my day to day  life.

Now Im no Guru, but I have lots of wonderful kids that I teach yoga to that tell me what works and what doesn’t LOL – I love that kids are so honest…well most of the time!

It would be amazing to see what response your kids, husbands or yourselves have, as this is for everyone, however I do have children in mind when I create these activities… so be prepared to have some fun.

So with all that said lets get to it. Today I would like to introduce you all to the Smile Game.

Its so easy and I often get the giggles when I do this… the aim of the game is to smile at everyone you see, that means EVERYONE! So even those people that don’t smile back, give a bigger smile.

Parents: Please do this with your children everywhere you go, ask your child how they feel after the day is finished, what reactions did people give back, how did you feel in side, how did you make other people feel (why not ask them – if its safe and you know them of course)

Science has proven that happy people are more successful, and happy people say they are happy just by smiling more. Can it be that simple? Lets give it ago

Until the next time little yogi’s

Parents – please remember to do these experiments in a safe place with parental care whenever you can.


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