Positive Mocktails

Here at Mini Me Yoga, we believe that being positive and saying positive words is a great way to boost our energy and lift ourselves up. The cells in our body respond to vibration (grownups it’s called epigenetics- if you want more info check out our research paper). Our cells change and help us shift any yucky feelings or emotions, allowing us to let them go and move on. When people are angry or upset, the best thing to do is take a breath and read our affirmations, bringing us back to that centred, balanced place.

This summer, why not give yourself a boost by making a positive mocktail? Or why not create one for a friend or family member to help give them a boost? You might even want to make a whole jug of positivity to share!

For this exercise, you will need your Magick Yoga Cards. If you don’t have these yet, you can write down some positive words on small pieces of card e.g. calm, balanced, happy etc.

Place all the words under your water bottle and see what positive mocktail you can create

How about a Calm – Focused – Loved Sunset Sipper?

Or a Balanced – Creative – Joy – Love Smoothie?!

You can add fruit and charge each fruit up with a positive word and add it to your drink

Why not blend it or just leave it in the water?

Cucumber is tasty in water

So is orange or mint


Dr Kate Bartram Brown, Founder of Mini Me Yoga

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To read our FREE research paper for a more in-depth explanation about epigenetics, visit www.subscribepage.com/FreeResearchPaper

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