Positive Masks

During the lockdown I had to visit hospital a few times. Upon my last visit, I decided to apply all the positive affirmation tools I had readily available to me, and to share with the world.

Every morning my teenage son and I select a Mini Me Yoga positive card. It’s been a daily ritual in our home now for quite a few years.

We get the school masks ready and the hospital masks ready for the day ahead.

I select my card… It’s ‘Peaceful’.

I decide to charge up our masks with the “I am Peaceful” card.

I immediately begin to feel relief, and a sense that the hospital appointment will go smoothly.

My son comments he will have a great day at school.

We both feel an instant shift in positivity.

We love to add an affirmation card in as a bonus, to top up our natural face mask daily.

It’s great, it keeps everything crystal clear and really helps.


About Amanda Elizabeth Ann 

Amanda Elizabeth Ann is the Mini Me Yoga Ambassador for Co. Kerry, Limerick and Clare, Ireland. She is also a Children’s Mindfulness Practitioner,  Yoga Therapist, and Early Childhood Educator.  She has spent over a decade teaching yoga and assisting many children and adults with special needs. Her expertise ranges from babies to adults, and she shares her many gifts delivering yoga and meditation to people with down syndrome, autism, stroke recovery and speech and language delay.

Find Amanda Elizabeth Ann at: www.facebook.com/minimeyogakerry

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