Points of You® with Vicki Readings

We use photographs as a way to capture a moment in time; a birthday party, a holiday etc, something to cherish and look back on with fond, heart-warming thoughts and feelings.

We are in a world where photos are being taken every second of the day by thousands of people. They are uploaded to social media, used as advertising, stored as memories with a great impact on our emotions whether we realise it or not!

Photographs can also be used as tools for exploration, a therapeutic inner process, a way of expression, to make a statement, for enjoyment or change. Everyone and everything is a subject, a focus with the ability to transport us.

The power of photos combined with specific words and questions, thought the Points of You® technique create a powerful and thought provoking process that taps into both our right (intuitive and emotional part) and left (logic and analytic) brain and encourages both sides to work in unison. When we look at a photograph, the image, colours, placement of objects stimulate our right brain, whilst the word below, supporting the image, activates the analytical aspect.

Why not have a go and see:

Here is a photo, take your time, have a look and answer some of the questions below, remember there is no right or wrong answer and yours may differ to everyone else’s:

  1. What do you see in the photo?
  2. What detail is the most significant? Why?
  3. What is missing in the photo?

Now focus on the word:

  1. What words can be created from that word?
  2. Do you like or dislike the word? Why?
  3. How does the word connect to the photo?

Now, try asking someone else what they see or look again in 5 minutes, did you see something different? Every time you hear another perspective or see something different you are gaining more insight and understanding, with this we build communication skills, empathy and our relationships. Not only this, but we may gain insights into our lives in which result in wanting to make positive changes and movements forward or it just provides us with a moment of reflection to ponder and consider. 

Everything in life has limitless points of view but often we block or discourage ourselves for one reason or another from seeing more than one, perhaps two, points of view. To consider a variety of perspectives, this is a challenge to many of us due to our emotional attachment or previous experiences, but by doing so we are up our hearts and our minds to delve deeper to gain knowledge and understanding.

What I really love about this unique process and creative tool is that we can fit it to any topic and any age can join in. Imagine choosing a card for the dinner table, starting off a corporate meeting with an image, exploring a theme such as education with teachers in a workshop or exploring who you are in a 1:1 session, to invite discussion and thoughts about an image, word – talking about our feelings and emotions through a photograph, making a connection and understanding powerfully what that means for you, for others and just opening up our minds to increase awareness.

When we increase our awareness, we are understanding ourselves at a deeper level and the impact we have on the world around us; our family, community and wider world. The purpose of that awareness is to increase hope and thought, thought leads to action and action leads to change. When we make positive changes within our lives however small or large, our happiness levels are increased and therefore our general well-being.

In a world currently full of pressures, chaos, heightened levels of stress and anxiety within both adults and young people, why aren’t we trying to increase open channels of communication and awareness within us to create a happier world?

About Vicki

Vicki is a trained Counsellor with a passion and focus on well-being and mental health. Using creative tools and processes within her approach to increase awareness around wellbeing, lead her to train as a Points of You coach and trainer. This enables Vicki to deliver a wide range of workshops, corporate sessions, trainings and 1:1 online coaching sessions using the Points of You® tools and method, being one of the very few trained specialists within the UK (www.points-of-you.com)

Alongside this, Vicki is part of two organisations who exist to overcome barriers and bring about change: Legacy International and BEST, where she is the founder for Health and Well-being. She is also a Primary Teacher and part of the International and UK team, being an Ambassador for Mini Me Yoga, working with schools and professionals to help support education and wellbeing.

Find Vicki at VR Bespoke Wellbeing on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VRbespokewellbeing/ or visit her website: www.vrbespokewellbeing.co.uk

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