Playing with Positivity!

We hear lots of people reminding us to stay positive, “it will be ok” , “ think positive” but what does that really mean and how do we do that? Let’s be honest, sometimes we struggle and over think, thinking that being positive means lots of work and is complicated but it’s really not!

You can use simple strategies to help you to be positive and the effects of that on our mindset are phenomenal!

Think of something that you find really challenging and the feelings that surround it, the words that you are using when you are finding it difficult, now imagine that the words and thoughts surrounding that were positive ones, how would you then feel? It’s not that it’s taking it away, it’s just making it easier for you to overcome, giving you a little more perspective and ideas on how you can face that challenge that perhaps before, you may not have thought of!

We are always going to have days where we are not so good at being positive, but that’s ok, because on those days, we can try our best to lift our mood, give ourselves time to do things we love and honour our feelings.

I thought I’d share with you some simple ways that you can increase positivity in your daily life, that are simple and easy and all I ask is that you have a play with a few and see what difference it makes! Remember, we are all unique so some of them might work better for you than others!

1. Smile – it’s simple but as often as you can, smiling boosts our mood and quickly
2. List in your mind or on paper 10 things that you are grateful for, why stop at 10 when the list is endless!
3. Make a small change – if we don’t like something, we have the power to change it, when you change it, even if it’s a small thing, it can make us feel happier!
4. Use positive affirmations or mantras that you can say to yourself over and over again no matter where you are!
5. Play your favourite song and why not turn it up loud and sing along! We don’t have to be in tune vocally but in tune with positivity and uplifting our moods!
6. Stop and take a deep breath – sometimes we just need to stop for a moment to refocus our brain. Deep breathing can really help to calm us down, relax our bodies and give us that moment of peace and recharge us!
7. Get outdoors and go for a walk – fresh air always helps and walking/physical exercise helps to boost our mood!
8. Random acts of kindness – Doing something for others makes you feel good. It lifts your mood and improves self esteem
9. Take a break and do something you enjoy – Do something that gives your mind a break
10. Surround yourself with people who are your tribe – the ones who support you, uplift you, the people you can talk to, have a laugh with and enjoy spending time with them. This might mean calling them, video chatting or seeing them!


About Vicki Readings

Vicki Readings is a Mini Me Yoga Ambassador for Mini Me Yoga Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire. As a trained Counsellor, Vicki has a passion and focus on well-being and mental health. Alongside this, Vicki is a trained Primary School Teacher and part of the International and UK team, working with schools and professionals to provide children and staff with tools and techniques to support their well-being and allow them to be less pressured.

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