Play and Wellbeing

May be a closeup of dog
Amanda’s gorgeous puppy!

Why should we play? It’s just time filing right?

No matter what age (or breed) we are, play is essential for our wellbeing. When we engage in play, our happy hormones are released into our body helping us to make new synapses in our brains. Simply put- when we play we become clever! My passion lays in early years education, where play is embraced and celebrated for all it offers to our small people (and the adults interacting alongside).

So how does this affect our wellbeing? We all know that when we are happy life feels easier; we have greater perspective and we feel strong and ready to deal with whatever comes our way. Combined with play, this:

  • Strengthens our muscles (yoga)
  • Helps our child grow beyond their own egocentricity (sharing our happy),
  • Maintains the positive mindset we are already in, helping us to keep balanced (water science)
  • Lowers blood pressure and keeps a healthy heart rate, resulting in a wonderful feeling of calmness
  • Engages our senses, helping us learn how to tune out of the clutter in our mind and gain focus and perspective

As a Mini Me Yoga Ambassador, when asked to think about ‘why’ we love Mini Me Yoga, this is just the tip of the iceberg for me. If all our small people had the opportunity to understand and promote their wellbeing whilst playing and having fun, not realising the lifelong skills they were acquiring, making them ready for the demands that life will inevitably throw their way… What a world that would be to grow up in!

About Amanda Thorne

I’ve been a qualified primary teacher for 19 years, 18 of these have been based in the early years! Having started off never wanting to teach reception, Early years turned out to be my destiny and my passion. There is something so wonderful about being at the beginning of the school journey and helping to shape and mould these wonderful small people in readiness for their world. Having struggled with anxiety myself and then supporting my son through similar struggles, becoming a Mini Me Yoga Ambassador has given me an amazing opportunity to give as many children as possible a magick toolkit to use as they work through the challenges that life throws their way.

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