Plastic Challenge

So we all know that plastic is a problem and it’s causing havoc in the oceans, the planet and in our bodies. The amount of plastic being consumed is on a global epidemic scale, and single use plastic we use for maybe even a few minutes ends up in the oceans for hundreds of years and when it eventually does break down into micro-plastics they get into our bodies and animals and cause all kinds of health issues.

This challenge is for both children and big kids because the earth needs all of our support!

I know what you’re thinking it’s overwhelming its a big problem what could I do to help…. well small changes have a HUGE impact and if we all implemented small changes we could make MEGA impact!


So here is your challenge do you accept it?


Just SAY NO to the big 4


  1. Plastic bottles – Super easy, carry your favorite drink bottle with you at all times, and refuse plastic bottles when you’re out!
  2. Plastic bags – Be prepared and carry your cloth bag to use and I even wrap my sandwiches in a cloth bag instead.
  3. Straws – Remember when you ask for a drink to say WITHOUT straw as a lot of the time they will just give it to you without asking for it.
  4. CupsJust say no and ask to fill up your bottle or cup instead of using plastic cups.


Do you think you can do this and inspire others to do it?

#WeCanFixThis on your social media and share the challenge and start a movement.


THE POWER is in your hands guys!

YOU CAN do this!


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