Lets Get Started

This Mini Me Yoga and wellbeing programme has fantastic benefits:

  1. Builds Concentration.
  2. Increases Confidence and Positive Self Image.
  3. Manages BIG emotions.
  4. An Inclusive Physical activity for all.
  5. Assists Sport players, helping avoiding injury.
  6. Relieves Anxiety, lowering hormone levels.
  7. Improves Flexibility.
  8. Helps improve Problem solving skills.
  9. Calms the Central Nervous System and therefore the body.
  10. Helps build body awareness.

We suggest you start with the Foundation, 7 step – 15 mins to Happy Healthy kids programme and then move on to others to deepen you knowledge. You can do this online with our E-Learning or look for an ambassador near to you. Please email for further information. We have ambassadors worldwide and more coming onboard all the time.