On the Opposite Side

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Education Show in Birmingham by bringing mindfulness, kids yoga, meditation and positive thinking techniques as part of the Mini Me Yoga Team, along with the founder Kate Bartram-Brown. Normally I am there as a teacher looking for new resources, ideas and bargains to take back to school to develop myself as a teacher and professional but to also inspire the children I teach. Standing on the opposite side for me this year was something that challenged me to a deeper level; what am I going to say? Are my explanations going to make sense? Are people actually going to engage with us? I had never considered these aspects before or questioned just how much time and organisation went into planning a big event but I knew as a teacher, this was the place to be for new ideas and Education – and apparently, the world thinks so too, having met people from several countries!!

Throughout the 3 days I attended, I met numerous professionals who worked with children, home educators, parents and trainee teachers/nursery staff. I loved interacting and hearing their stories before I shared what we, at Mini Me Yoga do. I have to say what became very apparent and clear to me speaking to all these people was that we need to be supporting children or rather increasing the emotional support and well-being of children and everyone agreed. However, from what people shared, there is actually very little support out there and a lack of knowledge of training or the ability to train in a programme where strategies can be used, applied and adapted to meet the needs of the individual young people – this concerns me!! We hear a lot at the moment in regards to wanting mindfulness and relaxation in schools, to find a new way to support pupils on a daily basis emotionally but in order to do this, it requires us adults to all be working together as a team!

Another aspect which I found both interesting and supporting this view was this question to us “are you an app or online resource?” = Panic mode; are we meant be? Should we? Have the times moved so forward that what we do needs this question to be asked? “No” was my response and what amazed me was the sigh of relief from professionals as we appeared to be one of the only exhibitors who were there offering physical, face to face training and that supported well-being, including mindfulness, positive thinking and yoga! Underneath it all, was in fact the idea that by teachers running this programme themselves with the children they are all benefiting from the techniques, the time out, which is again from what has been said- extremely needed for teachers due to stress levels, tiredness, and pressure! I think we all need to have more fun and recognise the importance of self-care, taking time out, and doing things we enjoy.

I think the comment that has really impacted me as a teacher, an ambassador was from a man who walked past me and remarked – “We need people like you, we need to be supporting children both physically, emotionally and academically – when all three are balanced, the world will be a much happier place – so good for you – keep shouting because we will be heard!”

Vicki Readings (below) is one of our many ambassadors around the world. She is located in Wales and like all our ambassadors, offers training to parents, teachers, and any adult who works with children tools for peace and joy. For information on workshops in your area of the world, contact us at info@minimeyoga.com

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