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Mini Me Yoga Newsletter

We have joined forces with some of the most inspirational companies I know of in bringing teachers, parents and grownups in general to share top tips in order to support happy, healthy kids…

We will also be introducing these companies as a separate resource so that they can share their latest in-depth knowledge with you, what their mission is, and if they can help support the children in your life.

My motto is that we don’t know until we know… so this is about us getting to know so we can make better informed decisions.

Coming together as a community is a dream and it’s happening right now!

To celebrate this we are launching our new ambassador educator program for pre-schools and elementary schools.

With our full support you can train your entire staff in kids yoga and mindfulness in the classroom, for just £650. (only until July 2016)

We have also revamped our website and you can now leave your feedback for others to see

Please visit and have a look for yourself.

If you are still not sure what kids yoga is all about, think that children are sitting quietly, doing gentle stretches check our 15 Minutes to Happy, Healthy Kids eLearning…

“Families who eat together stay together”. I have come across this saying frequently over the last few years. Certainly from experience of working with families in my mission to implant or reignite a love of food, those who eat together on a regular basis tend to have more exploratory little eaters.

There are lots of positives to eating as a family that reach beyond widening a child’s tastes in food, though this in itself is an enormous positive as a child will take their childhood foodie tastes well into their adult life. Regular family meal times provide a child with a familiar setting in which they can share their feelings on the day they have had, put forth their viewpoints and even recall what they may be doing the next day (that cookery workshop which you need to buy last minute ingredients for or the football tournament they’d forgotten to tell you about). All of these conversations lead to a calmer and more united family scenario.

Family mealtimes also allow us to perform some positive role-modelling and instigate our cultural traditions around food. This is particularly important once your children begin school as what happens at lunch time can become an occurrence entirely beyond your control. positive preparation and eating rituals can be established such as the pleasantries of sharing plates of food and the group efforts at clearing up.

Recently I’ve taken to involving my children more in the preparation of meals so we can have a hearty chat about the day. This may be the simple act of threading grapes onto kebab sticks for a pudding or cutting up herbs to make a fragrant salad. I find this enables many incredibly bonding moments and has created an expectation that helping in the kitchen will always be a pleasure and never a chore. nourishing child friendly recipes can be found on my blog and by subscribing to the newsletter you will be updated with inspiring tips and recipes each month.

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As both a parent and experienced primary school teacher I am passionate about raising standards but equally in providing meaningful and enjoyable activities to enthuse children and aid them in mastering important aspects of English…

The newly developed Kung Fu Writer App series has been my latest project: to combine appropriate recognition to good use of the English language and provide supportive discussion tools for parents and children around basic understanding. Now, more than ever, these skills are fundamental to any child’s success.
Kung Fu Writer is suitable for both home and school use, making it a great resource for all. My passion for combining innovative, up-to-date ideas with national teach standards has really been able to flourish on this one… I’m sure you’ll love it as much as me!

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“Our mission, our goal, our addiction, is to help children fall in love with Mathematics. We’re reducing Maths anxiety, one game at a time. We’re changing the world, one Maths-confident child at a time”. 

Too many children hate Maths

Many even experience Maths anxiety, manifesting in faster heart rates, sudden breakouts of sweat, stomach contractions, sadness and frustration. Many parents are afraid of Maths themselves and don’t know how to help their children. Government statistics show that up to half the adults in the UK have numeracy levels no greater than that expected of an 11-year old. It’s costing the UK economy £20.2 billion a year.

A solution helps children and their parents to view Maths differently; this is a passionate new resource offering Maths tips and tricks alongside its educational board games that are innovative, fun, truly engaging, and offer a unique playing experience that you will not find anywhere else. Maths is simply a skill, and any skill just needs practice to get good at it.

The difference with these games is that they are created with deep play value in mind; that is, both children and adults will want to come back to play over and over again.

These special board games are different because they promote learning without an obvious focus on that making it possible to improve your Maths while you play and enjoy the additional benefits of child development, social face-to-face interaction, creative thinking and fun memories.

BeGenio games are also unique in that they are scalable to make it easier or harder as younger and older children and parents can also play and enjoy them. Developments offering game extensions are underway to ensure that children can get the most from these resources and parents receive excellent value for their investment.

The first game of the BeGenio series is out

Race to Infinity is a fast-paced race game of strategy designed to help your children fall in love with the magic of Maths. Use the four Maths operatoins (two for younger children) to avoid the locks, make the most of the lucky tokens and beat your opponents to the ultimate number. Children will forget they are using mental Maths to navigate their way around the board, and parents will sharpen up their skills too!

‘I can see this game being used by tutors, in schools, for Maths lessons, after school clubs and by families – for all of them to enjoy!’ – Maths Tutor

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Peace, Love & Joy!

The Mini Me Yoga team

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