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Autumnal Mindfulness Activities to Enjoy with Children

“Autumn, the years last, loveliest smile!” William Cullen Byrant I love Autumn, it is such a fantastic time to connect with your senses and enjoy nature.  I can just feel change in the air as it gets cooler and the trees share with us a myriad of beautiful colours.  How can you not love the […]

The Benefits of Parent & Child Yoga

Why should parents and children do yoga together? Since the very start of running my adult yoga classes parents have asked, can I bring my child? Most children want to come out of curiosity. Where is it that Mummy, Daddy, Granny etc is going on a Tuesday night and what are they doing? Some children […]

Mindfulness and Meditation

If every 8 year old was taught to meditate, world violence would end in one generation” Dalai Lama When it comes to all things wellness, you often hear buzz words like ‘mindfulness’ and ‘meditation’ being used, but what exactly do they mean? According to the Oxford English Dictionary: Mindfulness (Noun) “A mental state achieved by […]

Body Positive by Donna Noble

I believe everyBODY is born yogi. Have you seen a baby effortlessly with their big toe in their mouth?  Doing happy baby pose… You often see children perform Corbra pose, where they are lying down on their stomachs and lift their heads up.  Often they can be found sleeping in child’s pose. Babies start their […]

Points of You® with Vicki Readings

We use photographs as a way to capture a moment in time; a birthday party, a holiday etc, something to cherish and look back on with fond, heart-warming thoughts and feelings. We are in a world where photos are being taken every second of the day by thousands of people. They are uploaded to social […]

Mini Me Yoga on The Trail

Although I am an Ambassador in Canada for Mini Me Yoga, my family and I make active use of the tools we provide families, caregivers, educators, therapists, social workers and others. When we begin our day as a family, we ohm together to act as an Anchor to keep us connected during the day. Just […]

Mini Me Yoga and Classroom Culture

We hear more and more about how mental health and wellness affect children, but what Mini Me Yoga addresses is the actual culture in the classroom- how teachers and students interact with each other. Teachers deal with incredible stressors, as do the little ones they teach. So many expectations are placed on everyone to perform […]

Sharing the Joy of Mini Me Yoga

My son Thomas and I have been doing Mini Me Yoga for a couple of years. We were introduced to Mini Me Yoga through his primary school and we attended a student and parent afterschool Mini Me Yoga Club. Thomas had a challenging start to life; being a premature baby 12weeks early, and having numerous […]

Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset is a term that is now commonly used in schools; and you will sometimes hear people talk about it in wellbeing settings too. Growth Mindset was a term coined by Dr. Carol Dweck following her research into student’s attitude to failure. Dr. Dweck identified that people either had a Growth Mindset or a […]

The Science of Anxiety

As well as Mini Me Yoga, I work with a lot of families and their children, helping with specific difficulties they may be having. A few months ago created a survey to find out what parents were most worried about regarding their child: Anxiety, Anger, Depression, ADHD, Inability to Concentrate, Social Media and the Digital […]