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Do as I say and not as I do .. ?

For us oldies, we may remember our parents saying ‘just do as I say not as I do’, when we were cheeky enough to mention that we noticed they were telling us to behave a certain way when in fact they didn’t behave that way ! It is quite the opposite in Kids Yoga, as […]

Back to School With Mini Me Yoga

For many children around the world it’s the start of the school term at some point this week. It could be that they are starting a new school, their first time at ‘big school’  starting nursery or preschool, or going into a new school year with more emphasis on the social pressure that comes with […]

Melissa’s real story. Yoga & ASD..

My name is Melissa and I am a mum to four children. I had to give up work a couple of years ago to care full time for my eldest son (now almost 16) as he was out of school due to severe anxiety and ASD. ( Autism Spectrum Disorder). I had lots of school […]

Kids Yoga…. What is all the fuss about ?

Kids Yoga seems to be that “new’ thing that everyone who is anyone wants their children to be doing. But what is all the fuss about ? Its seems in our society as soon as a celeb and their offspring are taking a class then it hits the masses of social media that we now […]