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Happy Little Eaters Part One

I’d like to share my thoughts on encouraging those dear but pesky little neophobic children that are present in most kitchens around the country to be happy little eaters. I don’t have all the answers of course but having worked in the world of nutrition, hosting ‘Taste Explorer’ and ‘Fussy Eating’ courses and working on […]

Kids, Stress, and Yoga

  Why do kids need Yoga other than the fact that it’s fun and good for you like broccoli ? One of the foundational components that I focus on when teaching kids Yoga, is emotional intelligence. If children aren’t aware of what they are feeling, or why, and if we don’t give them tools to […]

Unraveling Perfectionism

  When I started my teaching career, I wanted everything to be perfect. I wanted to be perfect because that meant I was my best- and that’s what my students deserved. So I kept grabbing for anything and everything outside of me to make me better while not taking the time to acknowledge the perfection […]

Do as I say and not as I do .. ?

For us oldies, we may remember our parents saying ‘just do as I say not as I do’, when we were cheeky enough to mention that we noticed they were telling us to behave a certain way when in fact they didn’t behave that way ! It is quite the opposite in Kids Yoga, as […]