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ABC of Montessori Yoga!

I have been thinking about yoga and how it has been such a support to me during my life.  Yoga is a little like family – yoga is there for the peaks and troughs – during life’s journey yoga is a great companion.  Today it is helpful to have a support structure which can be […]

The Benefits of Brrrr!!!

“Why oh why do I put myself through this, willingly and every morning?! I must be mad!” I say to myself, as I turn the shower on to very cold. I leap back away from the freezing, falling water and steel myself whilst psyching myself up saying, “I can do this, I can do this!”. […]

Yoga Pose Jenga!

In our house we love playing family games, and they do tend to get addictive. By the time we’ve played them over and over, we feel the need to get creative and add our own rules and change the game to become even more fun! Also, being a teacher I just cannot help myself and […]

Grateful Journals!

  As we enter 2021 and perhaps start thinking about all the things we would like for the new year, let’s also remember what we are grateful for. This keeps our mindset positive and our vibration high! Each day, select something you are grateful for and write it down- you can draw a picture, take a […]

Magical Gratitude Game

  I hope you are getting ready for the festivities, however you celebrate this special time of year. The most fun part of this time of the year, is remembering what we are grateful for. There are so many things in our life which are truly amazing. A lovely mum, or dad, or step-parent, or aunty, […]

5 Steps to Family Wellbeing

In one of our recent Mini Me Yoga podcasts, West London Ambassador Fiona Roberts talks about the NHS 5 steps to mental wellbeing. These simple steps can be used by the whole family to help support mental wellness. Step 1: Connect with other people Neuroscience tells us that human beings are hardwired for connection. Connecting to others gives us […]

Positive Masks

During the lockdown I had to visit hospital a few times. Upon my last visit, I decided to apply all the positive affirmation tools I had readily available to me, and to share with the world. Every morning my teenage son and I select a Mini Me Yoga positive card. It’s been a daily ritual […]

Creating a Calmer Classroom

There are so many benefits to children practising yoga on a regular basis, including having a calmer classroom. Have a read below and see how using the Mini Me Yoga 15 minutes a day programme can contribute towards a calmer classroom.  I’m going to share some of the benefits here. Yoga helps build confidence It’s […]

Can Yoga Help My Child Relax?

As a children’s yoga instructor and holistic sleep coach, this is a question that I frequently get asked. The short answer is yes! We live in a busy world with lots of things constantly competing for our time and attention and this is as true of our children as it is of us. This can […]

10 Top Tips to Support Children with SLCN

When it comes to special educational needs (SEN), statistics show that speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) is now the most common primary type of need, at 22% of SEN pupils (RCSLT 2019).  Difficulties with attention (looking and listening), understanding others, or being able to express themselves, can mean that children with SLCN need a […]