My story of how I became a Mini Me Ambassador with Lara Lawrence

Until four months ago I was a normal primary school teacher doing my everyday job.  That is, if you can call a teacher’s day normal? I would describe myself as passionate, creative and fun loving person but over the years I have found that my creativity was being constrained by the strict timetables and curriculum. This July I decided to take a break and take on the job of finishing the decorating of our house. I loved the summer holidays but whilst I was enjoying the time to potter and meet friends, I have always worked full time and I found I had extra time on my hands.

Towards the end of summer holidays I began to ask myself. What do I want to do next? I decided to combine my passion of teaching and working with children and my hobby Yoga. I started to think about my own experiences of children and yoga. While I was teaching I was asked to provide yoga as an after school club for children. I often found that the children would come into the class slightly wild and excitable that school had finished. However by the end of my 45 minute class there would be a peaceful vibe and the children would leave my classroom calmly. So I wrote out a very simplistic short term plan to become a children’s yoga provider.

First I decided to be proactive and improve my own practice of Yoga mainly by joining classes that I now had the time to attend. I have always enjoyed Yoga, I found as I practiced more regularly I became more aware of how it effects me both emotionally and physically.  Yoga has helped me get physically healthier and stronger, it also motivates me to make better choices.  It sounds cheesy but for me Yoga isn’t just about the exercise, it’s also encouraged me to have a balanced in my approach to life.

Feeling confident that I knew the main poses and common flows I could think about the next step in my action plan.  After a little bit of research and after hearing an early morning radio show, I discovered Mini Me Yoga.  I took the first steps of contacting Kate Bartram-Brown who quickly put me contact with Ashley Costello CEO who explained Mini Me Yoga to me. I was fascinated and listening to Ashley, Mini Me Yoga sounded like something I wanted to be part of.  Ashley put me in touch with my nearest ambassador and I was booked on the foundation workshop.

I was hooked within the first half an hour of the foundation workshop, I loved the accessibility of seven-step approach, it made sense to me.  I found the 14 poses easy to understand and the Magick cards are so child friendly. I loved the way the seven steps take you on a yoga journey and the emphasis throughout the whole session is on positivity.  I left feeling the foundation workshop so motivated.

As soon as I got in my car to drive home I knew I was going to book on the explorer course. I felt that before I could offer my own classes I needed some more training and I wanted more knowledge to share with the children I would be teaching.

The next bit wasn’t part of my original plan but is now definitely cemented in my future as I went on to contact Ashley to discuss becoming an ambassador, I am so keen that everyone should have the chance to learn the simplicity of Mini Me Yoga and the impact it can have.  I know that anyone who has contact with children would see the benefits almost immediately. I was keen to be an ambassador because I really want to share the positivity the Mini Me Yoga program promotes. I joined the Mini Me Yoga Conference in September and completed my ambassador training for 3 workshops, foundation, explorer and mediation.

I want create a community of students and friends that lead a better life and have a positive experience.  I am passionate about the Mini Me Yoga approach and the connection I feel it brings to my teaching. I can’t wait to lead the workshops to adults and take my own children’s yoga classes. I love the compassion and positivity that yoga brings to me and want to share it with others.  Yoga has made me a much more positive person and I am proud to say that I am a Mini Me Yoga Ambassador.

The next step in my plan is to contact village halls, cafes, leisure centres and even a garden centre as possible venues for my classes and I am extremely excited about the future.

Lara Lawrence

Please contact me to find out more about my children’s classes or adult workshops.  The best bit is no yoga experience is necessary to attend any of the classes or workshops.

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