My Mini Me Yoga Journey

By Jennie Brammer, Mini Me Yoga Ambassador for Newport

My love for yoga began in 2006. A bereavement left me feeling lost and anxious; I was no longer able to sit still and be in my own skin. I kept myself constantly busy and on the move, whilst simultaneously pushing myself to the point of exhaustion. A friend suggested I joined a yoga class. Over the coming weeks I started to feel more like myself and I was able to have longer periods of stillness and relaxation.

Fast forward to 2018; a year of big change for me and my family. It was my sister who first introduced me to Mini Me Yoga. She had trained as an Ambassador and was teaching the programme in the school she worked in. I too was working in a Primary School and she suggested I do the Foundation Course. I took her up on the offer and started to use the programme in the class. The children instantly loved it! Everyday they would ask ‘Miss are we doing yoga today?’ and they were showing the poses they had been practising at home. To my surprise, some of the children with more challenging behaviour were very enthusiastic, along with some of the children who were not particularly sports orientated.

In September of this year I moved to South Wales with my partner, two children and dog. I made the decision not to go back into Primary education, but to train as Mini Me Yoga Ambassador, so that I could practice yoga with adults and children in my new area. I have thoroughly enjoyed setting up classes and workshops, and I’m looking forward to continuing this journey.

About Jennie Brammer

Jennie is originally from Stoke-on-Trent, but now lives in South Wales with her partner, two children and dog. Jennie is a trained Primary School Teacher and has worked in primary education for over 20 years. Alongside her role as a Mini Me Yoga Ambassador for Newport, Jennie is also pursuing her studies to train as a therapist.

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