Mini Me Yoga on The Trail

Although I am an Ambassador in Canada for Mini Me Yoga, my family and I make active use of the tools we provide families, caregivers, educators, therapists, social workers and others.

When we begin our day as a family, we ohm together to act as an Anchor to keep us connected during the day. Just before dinner, we ohm again for the same reason, bringing us back together.

On the trail when we’re hiking, if we’re having difficult feelings, we can take a moment and relax our bodies using the body relaxation technique we use in the Meditation program. This is a real tool that our children use often, to feel calm, safe and relaxed. The reason I share this is that I am passionate about the application of our tools to help children self-regulate. These tools work on ALL children.

Relaxation techniques help us to manage difficult feelings

Our Mini Me Yoga Meditation Workshops are run by trained Ambassadors all around the world. Our course teaches several active meditation techniques for children, which provide fuel for emotional regulation; improve academic performance; enhance attention and concentration; and reduce stress and anxiety. Our techniques are also fantastic for staff well-being as they benefit personally from the effects of teaching these skills to the students. Not only beneficial at exam times but building skills for life. If you would like to find out more, please email

About Heather

Heather McCrae is the Lead Ambassador to Canada for Mini Me Yoga. Heather has an MEd in Exceptional Student Education from Saint Leo University, and a wealth of experience as a classroom educator working with poverty-level African American and Hispanic children in Georgia USA.

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