Mini Me Yoga at the 2017 Education Show!

Mini Me Yoga was featured as one of the vendors that supports adults and children in childcare and education through health and wellness classes and trainings via mindfulness, kids yoga, meditation, and positive thinking techniques! A team of Mini Me Yoga Ambassadors, including Mini Me Yoga’s founder- Kate Bartram-Brown were at the event. Here is Mini Me Yoga Ambassador Kath Routledge’s experience at the Education Show!

Look! An elf came to visit Kate Bartram-Brown & Mini Me Yoga!

I was at The Education Show at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham on Saturday, March 18th. I just went up for the day. Fellow Mini Me Yoga Ambassadors (and Founder!) had been there since Thursday; some all the time and others supporting on Thursday and Friday.

This was actually my first time at the NEC and I was pretty impressed by the sheer scale of it. A well organised event, but I guess they do have lots of practice!

Mini Me Yoga had a small space -initially I was taken aback but on reflection size didn’t actually matter, we were still a fair bit busier than some of the other stands. We were pretty close to one of the entrances which on the one side was a bonus – we got a lot of footfall walking our way; but perhaps not so good that one of the food outlets was in everyone’s line of vision so there appeared to be lots of people rushing towards that! Having said that we did have a fair few people walk past saying that they were in a rush to get someplace but they’d pop back and say hi later! And they usually did!!

Kath Rutledge (on the right in red) connecting with those who are also passionate about bringing Joy to children!

On more than one occasion we had people walk past and say ‘oh, Mini Me Yoga, that’s on my list’! Or people rushing around looking like they were playing bingo crossing off the places they wanted to see as they visited them (with Mini Me Yoga also on that list!) So clearly time had been spent by some attendees researching where they wanted to go, who they wanted to see etc.

One thing that struck me more than anything was that we appeared to be the only stand which focused on children’s mental health and wellbeing (and I’m happy to be put right if this isn’t the case).

I would love to hedge a bet at the number of people who signed up to get a free Mini Me Yoga e-book; we ran out of the cards and flyers so a lot of people came to talk to us! Several hundred, at least! Just on that day!

All in all I had a pretty awesome day. People came from far and wide to attend the event, from all walks of education; childminders, to LSAs, to teachers, to nursery managers to headteachers to authors. Exactly the people Mini Me Yoga is perfect for.

Can you guess which pose these Mini Me Yoga visitors are doing? Learn more tips and tricks for your classroom and at home from our 2 Hour Workshop!

So once all of you who attended the Education Show have had time to read through all those flyers you collected perhaps you’ll get in touch to find out more about how our Mini Me Yoga Ambassadors can support you in your school, setting, home!

Sign up for our free e-book here and if you are excited to learn more specifically about the foundational 2 Hour Workshop, you can buy our book here.

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