Mini Me Yoga and Classroom Culture

We hear more and more about how mental health and wellness affect children, but what Mini Me Yoga addresses is the actual culture in the classroom- how teachers and students interact with each other. Teachers deal with incredible stressors, as do the little ones they teach. So many expectations are placed on everyone to perform to a certain level and/or meet specific criteria, as either an educator or a student. Everyone greets the day where they are- either in a good place or not so much- and everyone is affected by everyone’s moods. Having tools to greet the day as a group, that open hearts and minds, is essential. Things like toning and omming have been around for thousands of years. Taking a moment to “sync up” with the children can turn everyone’s day around.

The ‘Om’ has a calming effect on the mind and body

At the end of the day, using something like ‘Fire Hands’ to remember the good in ourselves and each other, can be an essential experience for everyone. It can set everyone up for success and get them looking forward to the next school day. The thing to keep telling everyone is that Mini Me Yoga isn’t just ‘kids yoga’, it’s a vehicle for teaching self-regulation to children, and it’s a de-stressing tool for educators.

About Heather

Heather McCrae is the Lead Ambassador to Canada for Mini Me Yoga. Heather has an MEd in Exceptional Student Education from Saint Leo University, and a wealth of experience as a classroom educator working with poverty-level African American and Hispanic children in Georgia USA.

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