Mindfulness Rocks

During the lockdown, our daily walk has been key to helping me maintain a positive perspective. Having  the opportunity to re-connect with myself, my children and with nature has helped us to keep smiling and maintain an attitude of gratitude. We have quickly established our favourite walks, games and activities when we are out and about, so I thought I would share some of our favourites.

Rock Balancing
We prefer to work on our own structure, but  it can be done together. Begin to stack your chosen stones on top of each other. Your children will naturally begin to focus and become absorbed in their stacking, encourage them to start with large flat rocks and get increasingly smaller and lighter. You can even tell them to set an intention or make a wish with every stone added. The activity not only encourages patience and resilience but it really instils a sense of peace and magic. One of our new family favourites. 

Rock Painting
Ask you children to choose their favourite rocks (they will have MANY favourites). Once you are home, give them a thorough wash and allow them to dry. We used acrylic paints, fine brushes and cotton buds. However you can use sharpies and other paints with a sealer. It is best to paint on a base colour and leave to dry. Once you are ready, you can be as creative as you wish. Me and my daughter enjoyed creating a mandala type design, with the cotton buds and also a pencil point for the finer details. You can also write positive messages or affirmations and leave these in your local park for people to find. This is a lovely way to encourage children to spread kindness to other people.

About Gemma Baird

Gemma is the Mini Me Yoga advanced Ambassador for Cumbria. Gemma’s experience of working with children in a school setting allows her to support children’s wellbeing, something which she is extremely passionate about. Gemma lives in Carlisle with her two children, and is on a mission to bring yoga and mindfulness into every school setting and home. Her sessions focus on creating a fun and engaging environment where children can develop their confidence and awareness of self. She also offers workshops to educators or any adult who is interested in using Mini Me Yoga (no experience necessary). She invites you to get in touch to find out more about her services and how to discover the magick of Mini Me Yoga.

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