Mindful Spring!


With the clocks going forward and warmer weather on the way, it feels like spring is officially here! Why not boost your wellbeing with a mindful spring walk, and see if you can notice all the differences from the winter months?

What can you see?

As nature begins to stir, look for all the things that you might not have seen over the winter. Do the trees have buds? Are the leaves staring to unfold? Can you spot a Cherry Blossom or a Magnolia tree? Maybe you can see more ducks, squirrels, or rabbits?

What can you hear?

As the birds start to nest, you might be able to hear more bird song. How many different types of birds can you hear? Can you tell which bird they come from? Maybe you notice the sound of grasshoppers chirping or the buzz of a bumble bee?

What can you smell?

Some spring flowers are starting to bloom, and you may notice their scent on the spring breeze. When you see a flower, why not see if it has a smell? Maybe you can smell the scent of freshly mown grass as people start tending to their lawns and gardens?

What can you feel?

Does the sunshine feel warmer? Maybe the breeze feels slightly warmer and softer than the nippy wintery air? As you wear lighter clothing, parts of your skin might become more exposed. Can you notice the feel of the air on your arms or legs as you wear a t-shirt or shorts?

What can you taste?

As we move away from the heavier comfort foods of winter, we might start to enjoy lighter textures and flavours. How does it taste when you eat a fresh spring salad? Or bite into an orange after playing sports outside? We might even enjoy the coolness of an ice-cream or sorbet as the weather warms up!

We know that mindfulness, or becoming fully immersed in the present moment, brings about feelings of calm. As we enjoy a mindful spring walk, there is little time to worry about tomorrow or dwell on days gone by. All we have is the joy of the here and now.


About Fiona Roberts

Fiona has worked with children and families for over 15 years, in various education and support roles. Fiona has a background in Psychology, Early Years Professional Status and a Certificate in Parent-Child Therapy. Fiona works therapeutically with children and parents, promoting healthy attachments and communication within family relationships, as well as supporting families to manage challenging situations through tailored strategies and guidance.

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