Mindful Autumn

We are at that time of year when the clocks have gone back, the trees have turned brilliant shades of russet and gold, and the cooler weather is on the way- yes it’s officially autumn! Why not boost your wellbeing with a mindful autumn walk?

What can you see?

Autumn is the perfect time for noticing colours. How many shades of brown, red, orange, or gold can you spot? Can you collect some of the fallen leaves to make a mandala? As the sun is lower in sky, can you notice any shadows? How far do they stretch along the ground?

What can you hear?

How do the fallen leaves sound underneath your feet? Can you hear them crunch? Can you hear any birds singing? Is it loud or quiet?

What can you smell?

Can you smell the smoke from a woodfire? Or perhaps the smell of cooking, as people start to prepare warm, hearty meals? How about the smell of warm soup or hot chocolate? If you can’t smell anything, simply imagine your favourite smells.

What can you feel?

How does the air temperature feel against your face? Maybe your cheeks are cold? How does it feel to be wrapped up in a woollen scarf or puffy coat? Does it feel cosy?

What can you taste?

Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy warming spices such as cinnamon, ginger or cloves. You might like to take some soup in a flask to enjoy on your walk? Or a warming tea? What do you like to eat or drink in the autumn? My favourite is a chai latte!

We know that mindfulness, or becoming fully immersed in the present moment, brings about feelings of calm. As we enjoy a mindful autumn walk, there is little time to worry about tomorrow or dwell on days gone by. All we have is the joy of the here and now.


About Fiona Roberts

Fiona has worked with children and families for over 15 years, in various education and support roles. Fiona has a background in Psychology, Early Years Professional Status and a Certificate in Parent-Child Therapy. Fiona works therapeutically with children and parents, promoting healthy attachments and communication within family relationships, as well as supporting families to manage challenging situations through tailored strategies and guidance.

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