Mindful Autumn Leaves


As we head into November, take a walk in nature and notice all the different trees that might be changing. From browns and golds, to oranges and reds, Mother Nature provides us with a spectacular array of colour.

For this month’s activity, collect the leaves that have fallen from the trees

You can choose just one, or maybe more

Take them home and draw the shape on the leaf whilst breathing in and out

Look at the colours of the leaf… Write them down or colour in your drawing

Taking time to observe something natural, it’s colours, textures and shapes, is a wonderful way of connecting with nature

It slows down our brain waves and sends calming signals to the body, mind and spirit

It stops us from thinking about the past or the future… We bring ourselves into the present moment

Don’t forget to return your leaf to Mother Nature when you have finished

Love and sparkles,

Dr Kate

Founder of Mini Me Yoga

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