Magical Gratitude Game


I hope you are getting ready for the festivities, however you celebrate this special time of year. The most fun part of this time of the year, is remembering what we are grateful for. There are so many things in our life which are truly amazing. A lovely mum, or dad, or step-parent, or aunty, or caregiver, or neighbour, or teacher… Whoever it is, we all have someone in our life to be grateful for.


Maybe we can be grateful for

Our home or school

Friends we have

The food that we eat

Running water to drink

Clothes to wear

The birds that sing and wake us up in the morning

The opportunity to an education to learn and to grow

Our health

Our family’s health

A smile that we received

A nice word that someone said to us

The ability to be able to say something nice to someone else

To be able to do something kind for someone

To laugh

To cry

To jump in puddles

To run around…


Being grateful is also a magical game we can play each day.

Did you know, when we start to list the things that we are grateful for, we start to notice that there are so many things we can be grateful that we forgot all the little things that bugged us? Here is where the magick happens… Often these things no longer annoy us or upset us any longer… Magick!

Every day this month, can you think of 3 things that you are grateful for? If you can get to 10 even better! Do your best, ask your friends and your family too, find out what they are grateful for.

Little children can share with you in their own way, telling you or drawing a picture each day to show what it is they are grateful for.

Older children could create a grateful journal.


Love and Sparkles,

Dr Kate Bartram Brown, Founder of Mini Me Yoga

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